Thursday, 9 June 2011

How did I forget?

Due to one reason or another I’ve managed to totally forget I had a few days’ worth of images from late May… So I’ll play catch-up now, get yourself a drink; sherry, G&T or a good old warm drink because you will need it.

I mentioned a while ago that I’d found two dead Bees in the dead head of an Allium, it was shortly after the UK was hit with high winds so I assume they were clinging on to wait out the bad weather but as it lasted for a few days perhaps they never managed to get out again and so died. Or perhaps they had some sort of disease/illness

These two Bees are tiny, I wish I’d taken a photo of it next to something else for scale. Here’s one still in the Allium head

And when I brought one inside to take photos as the other was blown away – high winds, remember :)

This year I finally have some Ragged Robin, I’ve tried many times to get the seeds growing over the past couple of years!

California Poppies are out, not quite the ones I had in mind but these survived the winter… I bought some cream ones, and do have a couple of tiny seedlings which just don’t seem to be doing much… Most of the seedlings have done this, it’s probably due to it being so dry they just aren’t growing.

I’ve never seen the ends of the California Poppies so pink before, I have previously seen this tinge on the end but just not quite so noticeable.

I finally managed to get some photos of a Butterfly, I seem to have quite a lack of them this year… Normally I have so many Gatekeepers and Speckled Woods that it’s hard to walk in the garden without seeing at least one. I wonder if the snow killed all the caterpillars.

Pyracantha was doing a fantastic job of attracting the insects, sadly it’s now finished blooming and we’re left with unsightly brown petals until the berries form.

A teeny Bee…

Elder flowers… perhaps one day I ought to make some juice?

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Nell Jean said...

I know the feeling about finding overlooked pics. It's so hard to pick out just the things for a post and then remember to go back for others.

Cheryl said...

HI Liz,

I have seen bees in exactly the same condition. I believe, it is the weather, when conditions are too extreme for them to get back to the nest. They die from the wet and cold. I try and put them in the shed with honey......until the weather warms up. Of course, that is not for everyone.

Glad the ragged robin seeds have at last germinated. They are such pretty little flowers.
They are not invasive, at least that is what I have found.

I do hope that some of your seedlings survive this dry weather.
It would be a shame to lose them now.

Have a good weekend.....rain here.

allenaim photography and design said...

oh my goodness...gorgeous photos! Hungry bees!!!

The red tipped poppy photo was my fave...beautiful...

On My Soapbox said...

Great photos, as always. I really do think you could sell a lot of these or make greeting cards or.... something.