Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – March 2011

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This month has seen quite a change in the garden, mainly in the sudden and rather unexpected acquisition of space because of there no longer being a Summer house chez moi.

I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to do with the space but I’m keeping it simple and cheap since I plan to move next year sometime (hopefully). So the main priority it to get it screened off and presentable – bark or chippings and a seating area. I’m thinking a nice bench or table and chairs.

Anyway, onto the blooms!

Clematis Marjorie and Rubens appear to have survived the digging up and temporary planting in a trough.

Clematis Willy also had to be moved on Saturday morning before the Summer house was taken away. It was growing around one of the pieces of wood on the summer house so I’ve had to cut some of it and it’s just a huge tangled mess of branches so I’ve no idea what’s alive – well some of the buds are drooping so they must be the cut ones but there’s no way I can pull them out of the mass.
I plan to put this on the fence to help screen, along with Clematis ‘blue eyes’ and I’ll plant a load of Willow I forced and have set root in the vases.

Osmanthus is almost in bloom

A Queenie Bumble enjoyed Primula Vulgaris

And some violas

First Daffodil in bloom, the yellow is all blown out, sorry

Anemone Blanda is almost in bloom too, I planted something stupid like 200 under the Cherry tree so there are many more yet to come!

And a white one

Dicentra planted a few weeks ago is doing well, if a little twisted

Another Dicentra, looks to be ‘King of Hearts’ I hope. I’m just happy it’s come up as I assumed I’d dug them up when planting the Anemones.


Primula are beginning to flower in the front and Daffodils don’t look far behind.

Skimmia by the front door continues to tease me!

The last of the crocus are flowering, I don’t think there are many left although I am very disappointed that there’s been a lack of ‘Miss Vain’ compared to last year when I seemed to have so many. They haven’t come out in the front or along the side of the house, hopefully they will eventually bloom.
Snow Bunting hangs on in there, her time is numbered though.

There are a few different coloured Violas flowering, I do like my own hybrid Viola, it’s a much more serene yellow compared to the shop-bought ones that have come back after the snow.


I snipped some of the Forsythia to accompany the Daffodils in a vase

I picked up some more fritillaries yesterday

I also had to pick up a new Fuji Cherry, Kojo-no-mai after the workmen killed mine. It wasn’t even near the fence yet it still pretty much got destroyed. They snapped two of the main branches right down to the stem so I assume disease will get in and finish it off, but I’ve cut it anyway and hope it manages to recover and if it does… Well, then I have two, and I can assure you, that’s no hardship! :)

The Autumn Cherry is in full flow too… I do wish the birds would stop knocking all its blossoms and buds off though! :D

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Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Hi Liz, I think you win the prize for capturing the Prunus well, such a difficult plant to photograph, and so lovely. Your wrecked one may well come back from the dead - I had to cut mine back severely after it was run over one too many times, but it is now flowering its socks off. I definitely prefer your lovely self-sown Viola. The birds are vandals to knock blossom of your lovely cherry. Happy GBBD!

Anonymous said...

I so want bumblebees back. I have been seeing them many places lately, but your Queeny is a cutie. Happy GBBD and you have some fine blooms this March.

Donna said...

so many wonderful, blooms, blossoms and buzzing insects...so miss the critters in the yard...

Racquel said...

Many exciting new things showing up in your garden this spring Liz. Glad to see your transplanted Clematis survived their move. :)

patientgardener said...

Gosh you have a lot in flower already. I see you have replaced your battered Kojo-no-mai, good idea I love mine.

Liz said...

Hi Janet,

I do hope my little cherry survives, but considering I've only got say two branches left (eeek) I decided to get another because I'd at least like to see it flower.
Arghh, actually I just realised I meant to bring the branches in to put in a vase and enjoy the blooms indoors... Doh!

Those pesky birds, real little thugs, damaging my Autumn Cherry! I cannot believe the cheek.

Liz said...


There only seems to be the Queens at the moment, it perhaps isn't quite warm enough for the colony Bees to come out, and all we're seeing are the solitary Bees and the Queens looking to start a nest.

Liz said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks, I do like my insects and look forward to the Hoverflies arriving, I'm surprised I haven't seen any yet to be honest.

Liz said...

Hi Racquel,

I'm so very glad that the Clematis have survived, especially Marjorie as I've waited years to have a fence large enough to handle her size and would've hated to lose her.

Liz said...

Hi Helen,

Kojo is too nise to lose, and I'd love to see it once it's a nice large shrub with hundreds of tiny flowers on it. Mine was still quite small as I'd had it in a pot for the past 5+ years and had only been in the ground for around a year.

Anna said...

I have enjoyed your March blossoms Liz ~ such an exciting time of year :)

ONG said...

How exciting to have so much in bloom and to actually have the bees around is incredible. Super, super photos and I am super, super jealous!

On My Soapbox said...

Thanks for sending me to the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I'm in!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

my clematis just bloomed the other day... looks like yours is coming along nicely.

Christina said...

Lovely images, Liz. I love your Fritillaries, I've always wanted to grow them but have never had the right soil. Christina