Thursday, 24 March 2011

Are you sure it isn't May?

It’s the turn of the Blossoms now, they’re out very early this year it feels… Normally I'd expect them in April-May! It's been very warm for the past couple of days, with temperatures being 15+ in the shade and I expect it to be somewhat higher on our South-westish back garden.

Fuji Cherry, Kojo-no-mai is in full bloom now and cheering up my decking until I get it planted, still waiting on the finishing touches being done to my fence… Can’t plant my climbers until it’s done and getting slightly frustrated now, especially with all the concrete and wood still all over the garden.

In the coming days I'll have Magnolia Stellata photos… Oh yes, we have blooms for the first time in years. Not many, but I’m just so pleased to actually have some at last!
I’m actually rather annoyed that they’re only just opening, it’s likely I’ll miss them because I’m off to Rotterdam on Sunday… typical.

The Autumn Cherry is slowly coming to the end of its blooms, I was taking these shots a couple of days ago when suddenly a Long-Tailed Tit flew into the tree around 30cm from my face. I didn’t get the camera round fast enough to take a shot before it flew onto the feeders. Such a gorgeous little bird, this is the first year I’ve ever had them coming to the feeders, normally they stick to the trees in neighbouring gardens.

I spent some time this afternoon unsuccessfully stalking a Peacock butterfly… As I gave up and began shooting some Tulipa Turkestanica it decided to sunbathe… On my backdoor step! Arghhhh.

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Donna said...

Liz beautiful blossoms...May? We still have February weather with cold and snow...I would love May weather...

Anonymous said...

It certainly feels like the blossoms are coming out soon this year! They seem to be doing quite well in my area. Amazing photos! You capture nature beautifully.

On My Soapbox said...

There are loads of blossoms around here, too. Fortunately, I can admire them in other people's yards. The flowers are beautiful, but make quite a mess when they fall!

Shady Gardener said...

What beautiful photos!! Are they fragrant? I'd like to imagine I could smell them! :-)

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz, beautiful images of the blossom. I love the white, so serene, just so lovely....

Rotterdam, have a wonderful time. You certainly deserve it.
Hope the weather is kind to it tulip time??

I have seen several butterflies and they all seem a little jumpy......we shall have to wait till the summer when things will be hot and their flight slower.

Leather bag....Ha, too funny.

Yoke, said...

Beautiful blossoms, Liz and so are your photos, capturing the Sunshine in their little flowers.

Tell Pete to keep the feeders filled when you're away, so the LTT will keep coming and perhaps even bring its friends on your return!

Rotterdam? Have fun. Are you going here for the film festival?

VW said...

Oh, your pictures - I could hang of of the ones in today's post on my wall and be very happy to see them every day!
I'm very sure it's not May here, though I keep celebrating as it rains day after day instead of snowing :-)

Liz said...

Hi Donna,

I think we're just being very lucky at the moment, I am sure we will see some cold, nasty weather again soon. It's been a very strange Winter/Spring this year, some plants blooming very early and others still having yet to appear.

Liz said...


Things have happened very early, especially considering all the snow we had in December. This time last year I was only just getting Crocus and Irises out and here we are this year as far as Cherry blossoms, Anemones and Daffodils - even the tulips will be flowering in the next week or two.

Liz said...


I quite like the petals of blossoms as they fall, it makes a lovely romantic scene.. However when they turn brown and begin to fade they lose their beauty somewhat! :)

Liz said...

Hi SG,

I'm not sure if they're fragrant - I haven't noticed any perfume! We'll pretend they are though, just because it's more fun :)

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I don't think it will be Tulip time I'm afraid... The Tulips are only just coming out here and over in the Netherlands they're still having quite cool temperatures. Maybe we'll be lucky and there will be some in flower?!
I'm actually going for Uni, so I don't think I'll be having such a good time. We have a full itinerary so will be running around the city going from one talk/presentation to another. Then at the end of it all we have a rather spiffing assignment to write!

I'm looking forward to seeing some orange-tips and Blue Butterflies soon!

Liz said...

Hi Yoke,

I've put out some fat balls for the LTT's - I just hope they find them! I've discovered today just how regularly they're visiting, I heard them at least three times when I was popping out today so I'm thinking they must perhaps be breeding somewhere locally.

No I'm not going to Rotterdam for the film festival (is there one?!), but might just check something out whilst we're there - need to fill the boring evenings! I'm going for one of my modules; we're comparing the Dutch planning system to the UK and have to pick a particular aspect such as regeneration, sustainability and so on.

Liz said...

Hi VW,

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked them so much! :D

I hope your weather improves soon, I know lots of bloggers in the US still have snow; I think I'd be going mental if we still had snow here!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Gorgeous blossoms! That's how ours should have looked this spring. Sadly, the rain has been unrelenting, and has knocked most of the blooms from our trees prematurely. Your trees though made me smile, they're beautiful!

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Such a glorious celebration of Spring, I do love your photos. And I am thrilled you are actually going to have some Magnolia blooms! Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

Liz, what absolutely beautiful photographs, I keep looking at them. Isn't blossom just lovely and frothy! Ronnie

Nutty Gnome said...

Stunning blossom photos Liz.
Some of my cherry blossom is out, but the oldest and largest cherry tree is always later than the others and isn't showing a great deal of anything yet!
Enjoy Rotterdam ....I misread it as Rotherham at first and couldn't understand why you'd be excited about going there!