Saturday, 14 November 2009

Honest Scrap

Julie over at My English Country Garden gave me this Honest Scrap award a few days ago…

As with most awards there’s always a catch…

A. You must brag about the award.
B. You must link back to the person who gave the award to you
C. You must share 10 honest things about yourself
D. You must give the award to 7 more bloggers who inspire you

And as promised I will participate, however it is unlikely I shall nominate anyone else, but please, if anyone wishes to have a go themselves then please do!

A. Bragging about anything is not my forte, however the fact I'm advertising it on my blog surely counts as bragging about something??

B. As I already said, Julie over at My English Country Garden nominated me for this award, please go check out her own Honesty Scrap entry...

C. Ok, ten honest things about me… Mmmmm I may struggle to find anything interesting…

1. I buy far too many plants, I spend far too much on the garden and know it… Yet each year I just can’t resist the temptation.

2. I am one of those strange ambidextrous people… It always comes in handy when decorating and such because I can use both hands, and when I was at uni I used to find it helpful to use my left hand and exercise the other side of my brain to come up with more ideas :) was this cheating??
It runs in my family, my mum and brother are also ambi’s…
We’re special! :)

3. I am probably not as old as you may assume.

4. But I am not at all happy about getting yet another year closer to 30.

5. I own Gerbils, I used to have lots of them but currently only have three sisters and two Jirds – a larger relative of a Gerbil, around the size of a rat.

Skye - Gerbil


6. I’m an old romantic at heart, I think many women are to be honest. Only I’m perhaps a little too sensitive… Hmmm. I easily cry at things, someone’s voice only has to quiver or their eyes prick with tears and I’m off.
Although I don’t generally cry due to my own emotions, it’s usually something/one setting me off. Just don’t try to ask me about something close to my heart, because I’m likely to break down…
I had an interesting conversation with my team leader at work… ha ha, I ended up blubbing… Not at all embarrassing…

7. I have a strange surname, and almost everyone I meet loves to tell me so. As a child I always dreamed of marrying someone with a ‘normal’ name like Smith or Walker so I could rid myself of it…
And then I ended up with Pete… Who is Portuguese! Argh, I can’t win! People always tell me to keep the surname because it’s interesting, that may be so, however I’m not interested in whether it ‘stands out’!
Considering it’s so unusual, it can actually be found in the doomsday book of 1066 (how amazing would it be if I could actually trace my family back that far??!)
It’s also always fun trying to fit my name on a line, at 18 letters, it’s not always easy, and that’s not even taking into account that I have THREE middle names, oh yes, that’s 3! Is there any wonder I drop the middles?? Liz is far easier to manage.
Just to tease those who have yet not fallen asleep, my initials are; EJEBA.

8. For my first few months of life I was actually called Daisy. Luckily my dad saw sense and decided it was too ‘flowery’.
You think??! (at least my parents did something right!)

9. I love my macro lens. I admit, I’m an addict. Is that wrong? Some people love smoking, caffeine, computers, and then there’s me with my trusty macro lens.

10. I have been best friends with my best friend for 23 years. That’s amazing considering we became friends when we were around 4.
We pretty much grew up together, many many evenings were spent as teenagers in his bedroom and vice versa. We’re both scorpios and born only 19 days apart... I consider his mum to be my second mum, bless her. I hear it's a Scorpio trait to be fiercely loyal to their friends, and I think that it most certainly true in this case.

D. As I said above, I will not be nominating anyone for this as there are far too many people to choose from, but please feel free to play with it yourself and please let me know if you do!

And just because it's impossible for me not to post a photo...

Here's a photo taken of me yesterday :D


Yoke, said...

well done on your award.

Love the photos, and learning about you a tat more.

Know what you mean about surnames; I have one of those too; only luckily they kept back on the first/middle name department so I'm reduced to 23 letters only, and with only 4 people carrying the surname in this world.
Was I glad with F; only 5 in his name! even though that too is hardly in existence these days.

Nutty Gnome said...

Sweet photo! :)

- you can NEVER have too many plants!

-I'm an ambi too. It's dead useful.

-I used to have a gerbil called Mouse who lived in a budgie cage, poor confused creature that he was!

-after 23 years of constantly using my married name, I STILL answer to my maiden name.

great post Liz :)

Emma said...

I LOVE your gerbils.. our guinea pigs just died.. both of them...feeling bereft!

ShySongbird said...

I had your age just about right!

I am just like you with emotions...very, very over sensitive, it does me no favours and just like you it is always in connection with others. A piece of music, people gathered together just being happy!! anything at all sad! can be very embarrassing ;)

Love the pics of the Gerbils and the one of you :)

Liz said...

Hi Yoke,

I think on facebook there's only two people with my name... And we are few and far between - certainly my immediate family is small, but I do hear the name cropping up in unexpected places so no doubt there are more of us than I realise - my nan is crazy and disowns pretty much everyone so there's sides of my dad's family that I have no idea about...

Liz said...

Hi Liz!

(is it just me that finds it a bit strange saying Liz??? It almost feels like I'm talking to myself?!!! :D)

Oooh, another Ambi?? Hmmm are you certain you're not me?

I love mouse! ha ha, our first Gerbil was called fluffy! ha ha, such fond memories of him. Think I was 4 or 5...
Mine live in large glass tanks with plenty of substrate in so they can build fantastic tunnels (which they love to do!)
A Gerbil's life just isn't complete without digging or chewing...

Liz said...

Hi Emma!

Oh no! What happened to your piggies?? I know they can be quite temperamental little animals and not at all the easiest of pets to look after or know what's wrong...
(that's why I like Gerbs, they're hardy little things, rarely needing vets visits, their Latin name doesn't mean 'clawed warrior' for nothing!!!)

Liz said...

Hi Jan :)

Oh no, am I really showing my age now?? So far 27 has been really not very good, so many things going wrong for me at the moment, not sure how much more I can take.

Wireless on our router has died, so I can't get on the net at home... My mobile has died too... Luckily I'm out of contract so can get a new one, having to use an old one of pete's which is just not the same - I love my phone so much (that's why I hadn't got another one yet)

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with emotional issues! :) I know exactly how you feel though, even things like ambulance sirens going can get me, just thinking about what's happened.

I'm glad you liked my photo though, it was taken of me in my birthday outfit... :)

ShySongbird said...

All sorts of things gone wrong for me too Liz :( At least I'm not flooded out like some poor souls though.

I hope your probs get sorted soon, I hate it when something goes wrong computer wise or mobile, both vital these days aren't they.

27! you're a mere chicken :)

Yes, you look lovely in your birthday outfit and at least you spared us your birthday suit!!!

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

Too charming! The photo, that is.

And lordy, I'm commenting nearly a month after this posted - rereading your comments/responses to the Honest Scrap (which I've yet to do). I must admit, I think it's incredibly cool to have an unusual name.

I can usually keep up with posts on Blotanical, but my google reader is full to bursting!