Sunday, 13 July 2008


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been seen the Fox couple pretty much every night, I no longer even have to wait long before one comes along… Perhaps it’s because I now know they’re generally active from 8/9/10pm depending on the weather and whether it’s dark enough :)

A couple of nights ago I saw the Fox for the first time in our garden, we’ve known they’ve come in all along, as we’ve had pots and such dug up. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered why they’ve been digging the pots up – it’s to bury and egg there!

So, tonight I camp out in the spare room waiting to catch them. I’d finally decided to actually change the lens to the rubbishy kit lens. The reason for this is because it’s simply too dark for my other lenses and all the photos I’ve ever managed to get have been blurred, so I’ve had to sacrifice close shots for a half decent shot that you can at least see what it is!


Ok, so I’ll let you see the fruits of my labour… Ok so I was probably only sat there for 20 minutes, I’d seen both of the Foxes, but was still unsuccessful getting a good photo, and then:

It begins to check the pots

And gives up, so decides to bury it behindthe Weigela instead.

And it's all hidden now. Just checking the pots again for next time I assume.

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