Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I realise this is pretty much redundant but I need to rant it anyway.

I was asking a work colleague whether they knew where to buy nematodes from because I don't want to put down slug pellets as I have a feeling the foxes eat the snails - we have lots of snail shells around and although I have seen song thrushes, I'm yet to see one in the garden, so I'll assume the foxes get them.
Anyway, as I was saying…

I don't fancy poisoning the birds or the foxes.

My colleague has never heard of using nematodes, oh well, I'll have to try elsewhere as B&Q don't appear to have them.

Only my other colleague decides to pipe up telling me foxes are vermin.

Yeah, cheers for that I know they're vermin, but I happen to like them, just as I like squirrels, rats, mice, magpies etc.

But you know what, I didn't ask for your opinion on how to get rid of the foxes did I, just because they're a 'nuisance' to some, doesn't mean they're a nuisance to me, and it also doesn't mean they deserve to die!! (you could argue here whether or not the slugs and snails also deserve to die, I've tried so long not to do anything but it's a losing battle right now until I build a pond and can attract frogs and toads to eat them for me)

Going by that trail of thought I think I had best go shoot the cats that come into my garden because they, in my eyes, are a nuisance.

Seriously, if I wasn't at work he might just have had a few choice words thrown at him. How dare he imply that the fox deserves to die, if I was so bothered about them coming into the garden I'd block its entrances, not exactly rocket science.

The sooner he leaves, the better. Seriously I can't stand him for much longer. I've already been looking at jobs this morning, I am so bored here and apparently surrounded by arrogant, idiots that think nothing of speaking over you. Does my head in - that's a rant for another day that I've already been wound up on a comment my line manager made in our team meeting yesterday. (which was why I was looking for a new job)

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