Saturday, 7 June 2008


Today has been rather interesting...

Ok, so not too interesting in the grand scheme of things but;

So far I've seen Mr Bullfinch 4 times!

4 TIMES!!!

I can't believe it, it just shows how much you miss when at work doesn't it? Although I've never seen him that frequently all the other weekends and such but, still, exciting stuff. However I have seen the female only once and that was yesterday, so far she's not been today.

With any luck she's on eggs or feeding chicks and he's stopping off between hunting for live food and we'll have babies soon enough :D

Goldfinches are by far the most frequent visitors to the garden at the moment, barely a minute goes past where there isn't at least one here. Shame they're not in as large numbers as the Sparrows though... * wow, I typed too soon, within minutes of pressing publish I have a whole flock on the feeder, most I captured were 6, but I could see more birds in the trees around, I just don't know if they were sparrows though.

Nothing else incredibly exciting to report other than had a trip to B&Q (evil, evil place, I seem to live there at the moment) bought some more plants and sorting out insurance for the kitchen.

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