Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sun At Last!

Well, after the poor starts every day the evenings have been lovely so I've finally been able to get into the garden properly and to have a think about where I want everything.

The plants still haven't arrived... I'm thinking I might have to send some emails soon if they're not here by the weekend!

I bought some more plants:

Japanese Maple - Acer katsura.

I also planted some sweet peas, alliums that were in pots and sowed some random seeds such as Giant Sunflowers, Nicotiana, Nigella and poppies.

It also dawned on me that I haven't taken any before photos of the garden, shame really... It'd be nice to see how things go over the years (not that I have actually done much yet).

I've not seen any new species of birds yet, I hope I will once we have more shrubs for them.

You know how people are always saying that once you buy a house you never have any money because things crop up all the time?
Yup, I've found that one out already! On Sunday our washer/dryer died, 2 weeks in the house and already I'm forking out for a major white good. Grrrr, I guess that's why they were leaving it then!
Of course, in-builts are also more expensive than your freestanding models. So that's me £500 lighter, so much for re-insulating the loft!

You have to laugh.

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