Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Faire du Jardinage!

Finally, I managed to get some Gardening done.

The weather was absolutely wonderful on Saturday, very hot and felt like we were in the middle of Summer! I was shocked how warm it was walking around the garden centre, I spent too much but came home with some lovely plants and only bought two things I hadn't planned on getting so not *too bad*

The plants I ordered arrived yesterday and they certainly leave a lot to be desired. I think I'll stop using the company now because the quality just isn't there any more. So much for their gold awards at Chelsea and whatever rubbish, their customer service isn't so hot.
I bought some chocolate clover and other than almost being completely dead it's also got rabbit poo on it!!!

Yeah, great.

It's nice to know your gardens are organic and all that but, for almost £6 for the pot I find it abysmal.

I've taken some photos, so I’ll have to get them up, and then I can check how things develop over the next few months into summer.

List of bought plants:

Chocolate Clover
Sweet Pea
Various basket plants
Angel's fishing rod
Russian Dwarf Almond

Plus the many pots brought from the last house - I think most are doomed to another summer in their pot because they've grown too much and moving them now may upset them too much…

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