Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Safari – Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Something that struck me today, things are beginning to get that Autumnal look about them… Most plants are now past their best, and the lovely vibrant green has been replaced with a green/yellow hue.

It’s made me somewhat sad, so although some flowers have finally opened in the garden, at the same time the peak has passed.
*Edited to add*
Even my small Fuji cherry tree has turned a vibrant red (very early!!) Today has been very hot, I was expecting a pleasant warm day as per the forecast but it was much hotter today than yesterday and I struggled to sit outside from around 11am until well after 2/3pm. The rain still hasn't arrived that was predicted, I had held off watering the garden, but now I wish I had - soil is cracking again... I assume it'll come tomorrow or overnight.

I suppose my attentions now have to turn towards Christmas and getting things ready for next spring (some seeds have been sown today)

So, moving on to the safari…

Friday evening I asked for Red Admirals (and Skippers)…

What should I see first thing Saturday morning?

Red Admirals!

It was our first visitor, at around 8am,

I also managed a shot of the Meadowbrown

The Scabious has finally opened:


My Cosmos… AT LAST! More to come too, I just love this darker shade

Blackberries harvested

Astillbe, this is the front garden… I often seem to ignore the front.

Hydrangea in the front too

This Peacock got rather close

As did this Gatekeeper

Bee enjoying the Bird’s Foot Trefoil


Painted Lady sunbathes on the fence

The tomatoes are coming along nicely


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

What an enjoyable Sunday Safari

Yoke, said...

I thought about Autumn too, this weekend; looking at the small trees up front, and along the road, how leaves are starting to turn already. (here they just go yellow and fall off in the summer gales, never a chance of nice autumn colours.)

Lovre the colour of Bird'sfoot. It's the foodplant of the Common Blue Butterfly. I yet have to se one of these on my Bird'sfoot Trefoil in the garden.

Your pictures are lovely again, Liz.

Liz said...

Karen - Thanks, it's always a pleasure to be out in the garden!

Liz said...

Yoke - I don't really think it feels like Autumn yet, just that the plants are showing signs of slowing down and the grass has morning dew on again, something I haven't really seen for a couple of months or so.

Only the Fuji Cherrys leaves are turning, actually now you made me think about it... Buddlei leaves are falling, and the Willow isn't looking so hot any more... hmmmm. The plants are showing signs of Autumn, yet the weather isn't really! It must be the shift in daylight hours!

Indeedy, Bird's Foot Trefoil - or commonly known as Eggs and Bacon... I bought it for the butterflies - and the Bees love it, so a big hit all-round :) I have seen some Blues around, and hope they will be attracted to it next year (or even perhaps this year!)

ShySongbird said...

A lovely safari Liz! How nice to be greeted at 8am by the Red Admiral against that beautiful blue sky, a good omen for your safari! Sadly I too have seen signs of Autumn's approach, I do wish our Summers could be longer it always saddens me especially when the weather has been less than perfect. Re the Hydrangea, do you have acid soil or do you use one of those treatments to keep the flowers blue, I always intend to do that with some of mine but usually forget.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Isn't it a bit scary - summer coming to the end so fast? It is for me! I love your pictures, espesially those of Scabious - lovely, lovely, lovely!

Emma said...

your scabious photo is particularly yummy Liz! lovely reading your blog - Emma :)

Cheryl said...

Lovely safari glad the red admiral arrived...and that is a beautiful photograph.

I have noticed a huge change in my garden over the last two weeks. I have been saying that I thought autumn would come early and think it will be so. I love the change of season.....I tend to get bored towards the end of season. I love the colours of autumn and the mists that hang over my in a damp area, we do see many misty and foggy days.......

I always forget my front garden to.....

Liz said...

Jan - As much as I love Autumn, and then into Christmas I am feeling very sad...
I think it must be a sign that I've thoroughly enjoyed myself recently, perhaps I'm in a happy place right now??

The Hydrangea - I don't do anything with it... We have heavy clay here, but I did put bark chippings on which I think has had an affect on their colour. My neighbour has a large one next door and hers always stays a fantastic coral blue colour... I'm alway jealous!

Liz said...

Tatyana - Thank you so much for visiting I'm glad you liked my photos! It's very worrying that summer is coming to an end... It seems to have come very early this year :(

Liz said...

Emma - Thank you, I'm thrilled you like the Scabious photo, it certainly has been a long time coming... I think I've been waiting for them for years... :)

Liz said...

Cheryl - I know what you mean about getting bored, I'm the same and I've found myself spending less time in the garden.
I am sad for the longer nights though, I just wish we could keep the long days all year round!

We get some great views of the fog from our house as we look down in to the City centre - fantastic views. Sheffield is a very hilly city, so almost every new corner you turn there's another stunning view whether it be towards the centre or to the Peaks, Derbyshire or the Snake Pass.

Perhaps we forget the front gardens because we don't like walking around with cameras - ha I know I certainly don't... Don't want the neighbours thinking I'm peeping on them!

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

So many different creaters in your yard...what fun !
Sunday Safari is kinda neat.

flyingstars said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

Yoke, said...

I picked my second harvest of Blackberries in the garden the other day, and another, the last(sniff) batch is almost ripe.

I've you the The Kreativ Bloog Award; just have a look here: